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Round Trip Open Day Sailing (HK<=>Macau)
660RT-OD / 660RT-OD-SP / 660RT-OD-PG


Round Trip Open Day Sailing (HK<=>Macau)

  • Depart on your choice of sailing on selected departure date
  • Valid on all sailings between 06:00 to 23:59 only
  • Instant Confirmation (eBoarding)
  • HK <=>Macau routes only

TurboJET is committed to offering the ultimate travel experience for all passengers. Economy, Super and Premier Grand class are designed to cater for different needs of the passengers. 

The cabins are well-equipped with audio and visual systems, bringing a wide range of round-the-clock onboard programs and the hippest trends in town to passengers. At the same time, a selection of food, beverage and duty-free goods are also available for passengers to choose from.

​TurboJET's Super Class is designed with flexible adjustable contoured-seats and provides passengers with a series of value-added services such as complimentary meal and newspapers, priority disembarkation and the exclusive use of Super Class waiting lounge. Furnished with 4 and 6 seating VIP cabins best suit those travelling with friends and relatives, providing enhanced privacy in the journey.

Please note that the“Open day”function are applicable for F.I.T. bookings of 6 sets of tickets or less.

​Friendly reminder: Return sailing ferry ticket date must be issued within 40 days of the departure sailing date



Round Trip Economy Class Open Day Sailing
Adult / Child HKD 295

Round Trip Super Class Open Day Sailing
Adult / Child HKD 535

Round Trip Primer Grand Open Day Sailing
Adult / Child HKD 735
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