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Turbojet Ticket

TurboJET is committed to offering the ultimate travel experience for all passengers. Economy, Super and Premier Grand class are designed to cater to different needs of the passengers.

The cabins are well-equipped with audio and visual systems, bringing a wide range of round-the-clock onboard programs and the hippest trends in town to passengers. At the same time, a selection of food, beverage and duty-free goods are also available for passengers to choose from.

TurboJET's Super Class is designed with flexible adjustable contoured-seats and provides passengers with a series of value-added services such as complimentary meal and newspapers, priority disembarkation and the exclusive use of Super Class waiting lounge. Furnished with 4, 6, or 8 seating, our VIP cabins best suit those travelling with friends and relatives, providing enhanced privacy in the journey.

Premier Jetfoil was introduced in 2009 with the design of Premier Grand Class to provide passengers a 5 star level of luxury ferry service. Passengers will enjoy an array of palatable delights such as hot meals, red and white wine and a variety of beverage throughout the journey in the finest environment available. VIP cabin passengers exclusively enjoy welcome champagnes and more personal space than ever.

For our special 'round trip Turbojet ticket promotion offer' ($295/round trip economy class), please click here to purchase.

**In accordance with the HK Government announcement, effective from 00:00 am, 4 February 2020, Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan will be temporarily closed. Meanwhile, all the sailing services between HK and Macau will be suspended until further notice. **

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